Thursday, July 18, 2013

There is just no point in continuing

It is simply unhealthy for me to continue to blog about something that is over. I have moved on. It's just not healthy for me anymore. Maybe I will start writing a blog one day about how difficult it is to co-parent with a sociopath. Sex Addiction - whether male or female - is a terrible addiction. As an innocent spouse it can be devastating. I gave my new partner HPV thanks to my ex who did even have the guts to let me know she had contracted it. Once again, narcissistic behavior. I could never forgive myself for transferring this virus to her and allowing myself to contract it. Simply put, being a partner of a sex addict is now in my past. I'm in a healthy and happy relationship with an amazing and wonderful woman of great moral character and family values. Someone who has earned my trust and respect as I have earned hers. It's not fair to me (or her) that this my horrible past gets triggered by me checking and posting on this blog. I am on a new path - a path of happiness and joy. When I was truly struggling this blog help me express my feelings and deal (in a public yet anonymous way) with my struggles. I will keep it up in hopes other partners of sex addicts find comfort, background, support and information in it. I will no longer be posting or linking from Google+. I wish all my readers health and happiness. I know there are exceptions to every rule, but I truly believe sex addiction can not be treated enough for the behavior to stop - it is just too engrained in the addict. Sadly, I feel by staying the a relationship with one you are wasting your time and not coming to grips with reality: that your partner will not stay sober and will continue to act out despite every good intention that you have to support them. In my case, it was a waste of time, energy and health. I was stupidly naive. I'm glad, even grateful, I shed the sex addict in my life. Quite simply, I am much, much, much better for it. I'm 47 and looking forward to the next chapter in my life and leaving the past behind. Thank you all for reading and trying to understand.

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