Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Sex Addicts Partner's Revenge - Is it Right?

I am preparing a rather lengthy post about my experiences with this topic.  I feel it is compelling reading so please check back soon.  Before spilling my guts, I wanted to know what my reader's feelings are on it?  If any of you feel comfortable to share.

Does the partner of a sex addict have the right to out the affairs to their qualifier's spouse or partner (if one exists and the sex is not anonymous)? 

This is not scientific, just my opinion, but most female sex addicts are triggered by their love addiction first and oftentimes sex is not anonymous and there is some connection for the attention before morphing into physical sex.   So in most cases with female sex addicts, there probably is a qualifier that can be identified.

Tell me what you think about how a partner of a sex addict should handle themselves if they discover the identity of their spouse's qualifier?  I am very interested in your opinions whether you are a partner of a sex addict, a sex addict yourself or even a therapist.

I will be sharing mine and my thought processes soon but wanted to hear where you stand on this age-old issue.