Monday, November 21, 2011

"Shame": A new movie about Sex Addiction

This is my entertainment roundup...because it's easier to write about this stuff than some of the heavy thoughts that I have been having (but not writing about) over the past two weeks..

If you are not watching Bad Sex on Logo, you should. 

--For active sex addicts it will give you insights into how you can start your recovery if you wish and some of the dangers and consequences of your addiction.  Maybe some of the patients will remind you of yourself.
--For sex addicts in recovery, you will have compassion for the patients, as well as additional clarity as to why staying sober is so important.
--For partners or relatives of sex addicts, it will show you how despite these patients best intentions, that they struggle to not act out. This maybe what your family member or friend is going through and that oftentimes the many parts of the addiction were set in motion by traumatic events in the patients lives, not necessarily by you.

I wanted to call your attention to a new movie getting excellent critical reviews that begins limited theatrical release on Friday, Dec. 3, 2011. It a movie on Sex Addiction called "Shame."

Here is the story line: Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a New Yorker who shuns intimacy with women but feeds his desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. When his wayward younger sister (Carey Mulligan) moves into his apartment stirring memories of their shared painful past, Brandon’s insular life spirals out of control.

I'm not sure what to expect, I'm intrigued yet somewhat nervous to see it. I doubt I will see it with my wife. Here is the movie trailer:

Will you be seeing this movie and why?