Sunday, November 13, 2011

TV Program Alert: "Bad Sex" on Logo

There is a new TV reality show on the little known cable channel (in my house) called Logo titled "Bad Sex".  First-run episodes are on every Friday night.

The show chronicles a currently sex addict as he/she go through eight (8) weeks of group, individual and sometimes family therapy with a sex specialist Chris Donaghue.  I will note that at no time does the show call Donaghue a doctor, but he appears to know what he's doing and understands the triggers and the struggles of the sex addict.  The sex addicts in group therapy appear to represent many different diagnosis of sex addiction:  Love Addict, Porn Addiction, Gay, Straight, Sexual Anorexic, Masturbation and others.

I just watched the first two episodes and it just provided me greater insight in the life and struggles a sex addict.  Each week follows one of the members of the group's progress through the entire eight week program.  The first one was a serial cheater who was trying to stay committed to his girlfriend but kept having sex with other women.  What made it worse, is he lied to the group as well as his therapist (Boy did that remind me of my wife in both individual and couples therapy).  In the end, it was the shame the man was experiencing in his behavior that was causing him to lie.  In my opinion, he never realized he was "safe" to be honest with his fellow sex addicts and Donaghue and the only way he was going to get better was to be honest, confront the problem head-on and follow the specialist's suggestions. 

If a sex addict is reading this please hear this as a partner of a recovering sex addicts: If you decide that you want help, work through a certified sex therapist and be 100% honest with the therapist with your actions (Your secret is safe with them because of patient/client confidentiality.). Without truthfulness, you are wasting your time and money in therapy. It will not be impactful for you.

The second episode was a male gay sex addict who wanted sex all the time with anyone he could get.  For me that fact that he was having unsafe sex reminded me of how my wife was acting out and 99% of the time did it unprotected (One guy had a condom, but it fell during intercourse and another guy used it only the first time).

Each show will follow a member of the group through their eight week program with Donaghue. I'm sure these episodes will be of value to male sex addicts, female sex addicts and partners of sex addicts. It will touch you all in different ways and it won't leave you with a warm and fuzzy. In my opinion it's important that you educate yourself on the subject (heck it is probably why you are reading this blog) and it should be MUST SEE TV for all of you.

You should at least record it.  The first two episodes will be repeating several times during this week. If you don't get the channel, check out these sites too for some info about the show.

Show website:

If you watched the show, let us know your thoughts by putting a comment on this blog.

Also, make your calendars for Friday, Dec. 3, 2011 which is opening night for the new movie about sex addiction (the one not staring  Gwyneth Paltrow) titled "Shame".  The movie stars Michael Fassbender as a male sex addict and Carey Mulligan as his alcoholic younger sister.  (Obviously family of origin issues with be part of the plot line.) I believe it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this year and it was been critically acclaimed..It has been in the news lately for drawing an NC-17 rating....big hoot for a movie about sex addiction. It's not like you are going to bring the kids.